tisdag 9 juni 2015


 The Broke and the Bookish:
June 9: Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For the Rest of 2015 

  1. Thinking like a Plant - Craig Holdrege  translation to Swedish
I have always wondered...

  2. Purity - Jonathan Franzen
"his edgiest and most searching book yet." From Work in progress

  3. Slade House - David Mitchell. The Author says he was "ambushed’ by story which began as a collection of  tweets last year, and quickly acquired a life of its own". The Guardian

  4. The marriage of Opposites. Alice Hoffman tells the story about Rachel, the mother of the impressionist painter Camille Pissaro

  5. The Book of Memory - Petina Gappah. Memory has been convicted of murder. As part of her appeal her lawyer insists that she write down what happened as she remembers it.

  6. The Heart goes last - Margaret Atwood. A sinister, wickedly funny novel about a near-future in which the lawful are locked up and the lawless roam free, 

  7. A God in Ruins - Kate Atkinson. Atkinson turns her focus on Ursula's beloved younger brother Teddy - would-be poet, RAF bomber pilot, husband and father

  8. Confession of the Lioness - Mia Couto. A dark, poetic mystery about the women of the remote village of Kulumani and the lionesses that hunt them

  9. Death by Water - Kenzaburo Oe investigates the mysterious death of his   
10. The Sun Gods - Jay Rubin. Japanese-born Mitsuko falls for Tom becomes surrogate mother to his fair-haired American toddler, Bill. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor strains the newly formed family.

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  1. Svar
    1. thanks for stopping by! I´ll have a look at your list

  2. Inga böcker jag kände till den här gången!

  3. Svar
    1. ja, någon borde skicka med lite extra tid...

  4. A lot of your picks I need to check out. I hope you get a chance to read them all.

    My TTT http://readingawaythedays.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/top-ten-most-anticipated-releases-for.html

    1. some of them I will be reading in Swedísh translation but in case I can´t wait I´m going to buy the English edition

  5. Interesting list. Will have to look them up. Thank you.

    Marianne from
    Let's Read