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fredag 23 december 2016

Which poems has moved you to tears?

Poems that make grown women cry. Edited by Anthony and Ben Holden. 100 women on the words that move them. Berömda kvinnor som Kate Atkinson, Judi Dench,Anne Enright, Elena Ferrante, Siri Hustvedt, Bianca Jagger, Joanna Lumley, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Edna O´Brien, Yoko Ono och Sarah Waters för att nämna några väljer dikter som berört dem djupt. De förklarar varför och ger en mycket kort karaktäristik av respektive författare. Jag tycker att det är en kul idé. Utgivarna är far och son. De har också gjort en liknande bok om men. Som exempel tar jag Chimamanda Ngaozi Adichies val Sixty years after av Derek Walcott.

Sixty years after
In my wheelchair in the Virgin longue at Vieuxfort
I saw, sitting in her own wheelchair, her beauty
hunched like a crampled flower, the one whom I thought
as the fire of my young life would do her duty
to be golden and beautiful and young forever 
even as I aged. She was treble - chinned, old, her
smile was netted in wrinkles, but I felt the fever 
briefly returning as we sat there, crippled, hating
time and the lies of general pleasantries.
Small waves still brake against the small stone pier 
where a boatman left me in the orange peace 
of dusk, a half - century ago, maybe happier
being erect, she like a deer in her shyness, I stalking
an impossible consummation; those who knew us 
knew we would never be together , at least not walking.
Now the silent knives from the intercom went through us.