fredag 3 juni 2011

VW som läsare, kritiker och essäist

Virginia Woolf var mångsidig. Hon skrev litteraturkritik , hon läste väldigt mycket och hon skrev essäer. De mest kända essäerna är A Room of One´s Own och
Three guineas.

I The Second Common Reader skriver hon bland annat om de märkliga viktorianerna, John Donne, William Hazlitt, George Meredith och Thomas Hardy.
Den avslutande essän heter How Should One Read a Book? Så här slutar den:
" I have sometimes dreamt, at least, that when the Day of Judgement dawns and the great conquerors and lawyers and statesmen come to receive their rewards - their crowns, their laurels, their names carved indelibly upon imperishable marble - the Almight will turn to Peter and will say, not without a certain envy when He sees us coming with our books under our arms, Look, these need no reward. We have nothing to give them here. They have loved reading"

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