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söndag 13 augusti 2017

En smakebit på søndag

Mari på den norska bokbloggen Flukten fra virkeligheten är tillbaka med läsutmaningen 
En smakebit på søndag Hurra!
Mari uppmanar oss att dela med oss av det vi just läser. Enda regeln: No spoilers!

"The wind in Orkney is almost constant. At the farm, the westerly gales are the worst, bringing the sea with them and tonnes of rock can be moved overnight, the map altered in the morning. Easterlies can be the most beautiful - when the wind blows towards the tides and skims a glittering canopy of spray from the top of the waves, catching the sun. The old croft houses are squat and firm, lika many Orcadian people, built to survive the strongest gales. That sturdy balance has not bred into me: I am tall and gangly. Following the familiar coast, I´m trying not to feel unstable. It´s been more than a decade since I lived here and memories from my childhood are merging with more recent events: the things that brought me back to Orkney. As I struggle to open a wire gate, I remember what I repeated to my attacker: "I am stronger then you."
Från sidan 5 i The outrun av Amy Liptrot. Det här är en en självbiografi. Amy återvänder till barndomshemmet, en fårfarm på Orkney, efter att ha levt ett destruktivt liv i London i ca tio år. På svenska heter boken Utvägen: dagarna på Orkney.